Oxford Music Festival 2023 Syllabus

The 2023 syllabus has been printed and is now being distributed. The entire syllabus is also available on this web site just click the Syllabus button in our main menu. We are looking forward to three weeks of music making and seeing you all in January next year.

The on-line entry system is now open

Just click on the 'My Entries' section of the 'My Festival' menu.

left to enter the 2023 festival.

Like last year it's possible to pay for on-line festival entries by card or GooglePay. If you pay on-line you will not need to post a paper form, cheque or SAE. Your entry tickets will be emailed to you when the tickets are issued in December. They will also be available for download from the 'My Entries' section of the 'My Festival' menu of this website. Just look for this ticket icon . Electronic tickets should be printed and presented at the door when attending the Festival.

It will still be possible to use the on-line system to produce a printed form or use the paper form from the printed syllabus. The blank printed form can be photocopied or downloaded and printed from the Downloads section of the Syllabus menu on our website. All paper forms must be posted with an SAE and cheque as in previous years.

Audience members should pay at the door. We are planning to provide card/contactless payment facilities at most venues.

The Festival Web Site

There have been extensive changes under the bonnet of the web site to make it look tidier on mobile devices. The visible changes are mostly cosmetic but there is one functional change to help things fit better on smaller screens. This is an icon only button which sits alongside the hide sidebar icon on the left under the festival banner at the top of the screen. These buttons will only be visible on pages that need them such as the About Us page.

Clicking the button will turn off the side bar, it will still be possible to navvigate the site using the top menu. Clicking the button a second time will turn on the sidebar.

Clicking button will force all buttons on the web site such as to become icon only which will reduce the amount of screen space they take up.

Any feedback on these changes would be very welcome.

The Janet Tinbergen Memorial Award

This award has been added this year in Janet's memory. If you want to find out more about the award and Janet go to our News section.

Publicity Officer Needed

The committee are looking for someone who’d be responsible for publicising the Festival. Please contact the festival secretary if you are interested in this role.

Don't Forget Facebook & Twitter

the Festival runs a Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheOxfordMusicFestival and a Twitter feed @OxfordFestival. The hash tag #OxfordMusicFestival can also be used to find posts and tweets. Please pay them a visit and share/like/retweet our posts. The News section also shows the feeds from the Facebook page and Twitter account.

Our Sponsors

the Festival is grateful for the support provided by the following businesses and organisations.

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